technical specification

We are one of the best reamers manufacturers in India that combine both hardness in the cutting edges and toughness for long life. The high quality tools manufactured by Auto lathes will not fail under the normal forces of use. A reamer consists of helical cutting edges and has a cylindrical shape body. This is one of the useful tools for metalworking. In simple words, we can say that it is a rotary cutting tool which is designed to enlarge the size of a previously formed hole. We have more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing metal cutting tools like threading taps, thread gauges, reamers, center drills and others. We try our best to deliver the product as soon as possible.

Types Of Reamers

The size of the reamer is specified by the diameter measured across two margins, at the cutting edge, on a diametric line. These are manufactured from high carbon steel, cast alloys cutting material, HSS, and cemented carbide forms. These may be solid or inserted blade type, adjustable or non-adjustable type, be designed for manual operation (hand reamers) or for machine use (Chucking reamers). However, we focus on manufacturing only a few types of reamers like Hand reamers, Machine reamers, chucking reamer with parallel shank, and chucking reamer with taper shank.

1.) Hand Reamers – They are fluted reamers having a slight taper on the cutting end to facilitate entering a hole properly. These may be solid or expandable type (with limited expansion). The blades are usually spaced irregularly around the reamer body. This is done to reduce the tendency to chatter that a reamer has because of slippage or torsional deflection.

2.) Machine Reamers – A machine reamer only has a very slight lead in. Because the reamer and work piece are pre-aligned by the machine there is no risk of it wandering off course. In addition the constant cutting force that can be applied by the machine ensures that it starts cutting immediately. Spiral flutes have the advantage of clearing the swarf automatically but are also available with straight flutes as the amount of swarf generated during a reaming operation should be very small.